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Travel Medical Kit

Travel Medical Kit Checklist

Traveling might be something very exciting to do as a hobby or a necessity. You can add more to this by being prepared for an emergency situation that might happen to you or anybody who is accompanying you on your journey. This is something that is very obvious as human life and issues are never predicted. It is very necessary to stay prepared for anything at any moment in time. To combat this and any other emergency, it is [...]

Study Shows People RH Negative Blood Aren’t From Earth, And May Not Even Be Human

It is very essential for people to know or have information about their blood group. People have blood groups that are denoted Alphabets or more than 1 alphabets like Blood Group O, A, B or AB. Apart from these blood types or blood groups there is another Blood type as well. It can also be RH positive or RH negative blood type. The RH or the Rhesus factor notifies a certain antigen that is found in human blood. If [...]

How to deal with stress

17 Healthy Ways to Deal with Stress

Stress is unavoidable. Everybody is suffering from stress and anxiety these days. It walks in and out of our lives on a daily basis. And it can quickly walk all over us unless we do something about it and take action. There will never be long hours in the day, bills will not stop coming, and your job and household duties will forever be demanding. But you have a lot more authority than you might think. You are in [...]

History of Medicine

History of Medicine   What is Medicine? Many define it as the science of healing; a step by step process of diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases to promote health and safety of the living organism. While many think of medicine as drugs(aderall, paracetamol etc), substances(oxycodone, Chlorhexidineetc) and medications(hydrocodoneetc) used by doctors to treat the aliments of the patients. The real definition however lies in its history; from where it actually originated and how it got to be the complex science that [...]